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New on KiXi Audio: "A musical journey..."

KiXi expands its audio offering with a very educational valuable audio book series by Monarda Arts / Arthaus Musik called "A musical journey...". Each self-contained episode of the series focusses on a particular instrument or composer and tells a compelling story. Aimed at children age 6+ the audio books introduce children in a playful way to the world of classical music.

German stars like Sunnyi Melles, Sky du Mont and August Zirner are among the narrators of these stories.

The publication of "A musical journey..." is part of the collaboration of KiXi with Monarda Arts and Arthaus Musik. In this collaboration KiXi will now regularly publish audio- and video productions of high educational and artistic value, mainly from the field of classical music and opera for children. The audio books can be found on and in the KiXi-App.

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