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KiXi starts collaboration with Australian Children’s Television Foundation ACTF

KiXi, Germany’s leading video-on-demand service for children, has started a collaboration with the Australian Children’s Television Foundation ACTF.

The ACTF titles licensed to KiXi comprise the cartoon series “Flea Bitten” (52 x 12’), the live-action series “Mortified” (26 x 26’) and the cult-classic series “Round the Twist” (52 x 26’).

The German language versions of the programs will be released on KiXi’s Amazon Prime video channel “KiXi Select”, on KiXi’s owned and operated website and App as well as OTT services like as waipu.TV and TVPlus.

“The ACTF has a long-standing tradition of high-quality children’s television content. Their productions have always been extremely popular in Germany, as they combine a high production value, compelling stories and a certain cheekiness, unique to Australian productions. We are very happy to add three of their shows to our content library. I am especially proud of the cult classic “Round the Twist”, which is an extraordinary series with a huge fanbase. And we will present it to our audience with all 4 seasons.”, says Sascha Stradtmann, Head of Acquisitions and Programming at KiXi.

Tim Hegarty. ACTF International Sales Manager says, “The ACTF is thrilled to have found a home on Kixi for its German language versions of these high quality entertaining programs. In particular we are extremely pleased that all 4 seasons of the classic Australian series Round The Twist will once again be available to German speaking audiences. It’s been over 15 years since Round The Twistwas broadcast on German television and I’m hopeful that those who watched the program when they were kids will now find it on Kixi and introduce it to their own children, and of course still enjoy seeing it again themselves.”

As a non-profit government funded company, the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (“ACTF”) is a national children’s media production and policy hub and performs a wide range of functions in children’s media: as a distributor of and investor in Australian children’s television series; as an instigator of new, innovative and entertaining children’s media and as a developer of valuable screen resources for the education sector.

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