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Kixi licenses Award-Winning Animation Short

Kixi Entertainment has licensed the award-winning short-film "Tigers and Tattoos" from Copenhagen Bombay Productions.

The #film tells the story of little orphan Maj who lives with her uncle Sonny, who is a great tattoo artist. Maj loves to be with him, especially when he is working. But, as Sonny has always said: Children and tattoos are a lousy cocktail. One day Maj ends up tattooing the back of a tough guy, from the local motorcycle club, with children’s drawings, whereupon she and Sonny must leave town in a hurry. This sets off an adventurous roadtrip through a magical forest with flying fairies, a funny circus family and their big cuddly tiger.

"Tigers and Tattoos" has been highly acclaimed at cartoon and children's film festivals around the world and won the Audience Award at Lucas International Children’s Film Festival as well as the Mumbai Golden Elephant at the International Children’s Film Festival.

The film has meanwhile been expanded into a cartoon series, which is expected to premiere this year.

"Tigers and Tattoos is a charming gem of European animation and therefore a great addition to our portfolio. Part of Kixi's mission statement is to support the European children's film culture by presenting outstanding works of European children's films on our platforms.", says Sascha Stradtmann, Head of Acquisitions and Programming at Kixi.

"Tigers and Tattoos" will be available on all of Kixi's platforms, including the Amazon Prine Video Channel "Kixi Select" as well as the Kixi Apps on Deutsche Telekom's MagentaTV and NetRange MMH GmbH powered SmartTVs. Kixi ist part of Trias Media Group.

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