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Kixi Entertainment presents "Bayala: A Magical Adventure"

The animated #movie "Bayala: A Magical Adventure" based on the popular toy figures of the company schleich® can now be seen at Kixi.

In the magical world of Bayala, elves lovingly take care of the dragons and their eggs, with whom they form a peaceful community from which the magic of Bayala feeds. However, the evil queen of the shadow elves, Ophira, steals the dragon eggs one day. When the dragons disappear from Bayala, the magic also disappears and Bayala is threatened with destruction. A group of young elves set out to retrieve the dragons, defeat Ophira and reconcile the now hostile tribes of the elves.

"For Kixi, this film is an absolute highlight. Schleich's figures and play worlds are very popular with children.

And the movie adaptation of the stories from the world of Bayala is a great entertainment event, especially for girls. We are very pleased that our partner LEONINE Studios is making it possible for us to show this film," explains Sascha Stradtmann, Head of Acquisitions and Programming at Kixi.

The movies are available on all of Kixi's platforms, including the Amazon Prime Video Channel "Kixi Select" as well as the Kixi Apps on Deutsche Telekom's MagentaTV, Apple TV and Roku Inc. Set-Top-Boxes and NetRange MMH GmbH and VIDAA powered SmartTVs.

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