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Kixi Entertainment acquires large program packages

Kixi Entertainment GmbH expands its Video-On-Demand portfolio of educational valuable high quality movies, series and instructive films with three program packages licensed from prestigious distributors.

Mondo TV Group licenses five classic cartoon movies and series to Kixi, which are based on masterpieces of literature such as Ulysses, Robin Hood and the Jungle Book.

Ohm:TV licenses to Kixi 52 episodes of the popular edutainment series "Was ist Was TV" based on the German issue of the renowned "How & Why" book series. Hereby, Kixi strengstens its core competence in the area of edutainment and instructive films.

LEONINE licenses to Kixi a large package of movies and series. It contains educational valuable movie classics such as "Karakum" by legendary German children's movie director Arend Aghte as well as numerous children's book adaptations like "The little Knight Trenk" and "The children of seagull street" based on the books by Kirsten Boie, Rolf Fänger's "Moonbear", Michael Ende's "Jim Button" and Astrid Lindgren's "Emil of Lönneberga".

The movies and series can bee watched on Kixi's owned and operated streaming website and the adjoined Apps, as well as on Kixi's Amazon Prime Video Channel "Kixi Select" and the Kixi App on MagentaTV.

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