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Kixi adds GDR children's movies to its portfolio

Studio Hamburg Enterprises GmbH, has licensed 20 iconic children's movies and series made in GDR to Kixi Entertainment.

Besides all the crimes against humanity that happened in the GDR, the country was renowned for its rich children's #movie culture. A cultural heritage worth to be preserved.

Children's movie makers in the GDR created films that were not talking down to #children but communicated on eye-level to them.

Some of those movies were close to reality with a documentary style, others were situated in the realms of fantasy. "Nachhilfe für Vati", "Schuleule Paula" and "Benno macht Geschichten" as well as "Kai aus der Kiste" und "Ich liebe Victor" are among the titles licensed by Studio Hamburg Enterprises GmbH to Kixi Entertainment.

"Showing movies that were made in a dictatorship is always a delicate issue. We ensured that the selected titles do not celebrate the ideology of the GDR. Instead they offer a look into the life of children in a country that seized to exist 30 years ago.", explains Sascha Stradtmann, Head of Acquisitions and Programming at Kixi. The movies and TV series will be available on Kixi's SVOD platforms. Kixi ist part of Trias Media Group

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