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Exclusive Children's Movie Premiere on Kixi

"Oetzi and the Mystery of Time" premieres today on Kixi Entertainment's #streaming platforms. The #movie is based on the story of the famous glacier mummy that was found in 1991 in the Austrian Alpes. The mummy is 5300 years old and gave researchers valuable insights with regard to the living circumstances in the Stone Age. "Oetzi and the Mystery of Time" is a fun adventure movie that is now made available by Kixi Entertainment to viewers in Germany for the first time. Kip, an 11 yer old boy with a passion for Anthropology, shows great interest for the mummy. Through some kind of magic, he manages to de-frost Oetzi and suddenly has to cope with a man from the Stone Age in modern times. A funny fish-out-of-water adventure unfolds. The movie was produced in 2018 and is distributed by Beta Film GmbH. "Oetzi and the Mystery of Time" is available on all of Kixi's #svod platforms including the Amazon Prime Video Channel "Kixi Select". Kixi Entertainment is part of Trias Media Group

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