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Piggeldy & Frederick return on KiXi

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the popular German pre-school animation series "Piggeldy & Frederick", KiXi publishes 12 compilations of short-films from the series on our website as well as our App and our Amazon Prime Video Channel "Kixi Select".

The series revolves around two pigs, Piggeldy and his older brother Frederick. Piggeldy loves to ask questions to his brother that are driven by the overaboundand nativity and curiosity of a preschooler, like "how far goes infinity?" or "what's the laziest one can be?". Frederick does his best to answer those questions in a way that is understandable for a pre-schooler. Hence the show now only pleased generations of kids (who are now today's parents) but also kept its relevance for the audience throughout the years.

The publication on our platforms is part of the collaboration of KiXi with Studio Hamburg.

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