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Kixi licenses 4 movies from Provobis

Provobis, a subsidiary of Tellux Group has licensed a package of 4 milestones of German children's movie culture to Kixi. "Das Morphus-Geheimnis" tells the fictional story of Beethoven's last symphony. It has magic powers and must be protected by a 10-year old boy from a villain, portraied by German star actor Oliver Korritke. "Gülibik" deals with the friendship of a boy called Ali and his pet cock. The movie is set in a village in Turkey and is supposed to give German children a better understanding of the large Turkish immigrant community in Germany. "Lorenz im Land der Lügner" is a movie by Jürgen Brauer, a famous filmmaker from former GDR and is based on the novel "Gelsomino" by Gianni Rodari. It tells the adventures of a boy who discovers a land where everything is done in the oppsite way of normal. "Pinky und der Millionenmops" is based on the novel "Detektiv Pinky" by Gert Prokop and tells the story of a juvenile detective who helps a millionaire to fight his enemies. "This is an excellent mix of brilliantly crafted children's movies by renowned German film-makers with compelling stories and fantastic performances by the child actors and actresses. Tellux and its subsidiaries are known for movie and TV productions of outstanding quality. And I wish to thank Rene Ruppert for curating this movie package", says Sascha Stradtmann, Head of Acquisitions & Programming at Kixi. The content will be available on all of Kixi's SVoD platforms. Kixi is part of Trias Media Group.

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