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Kixi Entertainment partners with Netopsie Technologies and Dirk Rossmann GmbH to Bring Smiles to Children in Hospitals

Kixi, the beloved brand known for its commitment to children's happiness and well-being, is proud to announce a heartwarming collaboration with Netopsie Technologies GmbH and Dirk Rossmann GmbH for a groundbreaking charity project.

This extraordinary initiative aims to bring the joy and comfort of Kixi to children in hospitals, spreading positivity and warmth during their stay. Through this partnership, Kixi will deliver its beloved educationally valuable and family friendly streaming service to the very innovative children's hospital "auf der Bult", in the city of Hannover, Germany.

This initiative is designed to bring joy and smiles to the faces of young patients, offering a much-needed distraction from their medical journey and fostering an environment of comfort and positivity.

"The project embodies the spirit of compassion and generosity that Kixi holds dear. Working alongside the expert teams at Netopsie Technologies GmbH and simpleTechs GmbH and supported by the esteemed Dirk Rossmann GmbH, this endeavor is set to make a profound impact on the lives of children facing challenging circumstances. We are extremely thankful to our partners Netopsie, Rossmann and SimpleTechs for making this happen.", says Sascha Stradtmann, Director Commercial Afffairs and Authorized Representative at Kixi.

Kixi is available via its owned and operated streaming website and adjoined apps for Android and iOS devices, Apple tvOS, Deutsche Telekom's MagentaTV, Roku Inc., NetRange MMH GmbH and VIDAA powered SmartTV and as Amazon Prime Video Channel "Kixi Select". Kixi Entertainment is part of Trias Media Group.

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